Would You Rather: The Ultimate Decision-Making Game

Would You Rather is a thrilling party game that challenges your decision-making skills. Players are posed with hypothetical scenarios and intriguing dilemmas, each with its unique twist, and must choose between two options, often equally undesirable or conflicting. 

To make it even more exciting, we’ve categorized the dilemmas into different themes to suit your preferences.

Let’s jump into the world of tough choices and see where your preferences lie!

Quick Start Guide to Would You Rather

Step 1: Play for Yourself or Gather your friends together!

Would You Rather is a great way to question your decision-making in unique and thrilling scenarios. It’s also a fun way to enjoy a great time with friends and discover common things while having a great time. The more people, the better! 

Step 2: Select a Player to Begin the Round

Sit in a circle and choose a player among the participants to begin the first Would You Rather round. This player will be the “Dilemma Master” and move to the left or right from there to ask each participant questions.

Step 3: Choose a category

The Dilemma Master will choose a category from the options #TRAVEL, #SUPERPOWERS, #ADVENTURE, #SIMPLICITY,  #MONEY, #FOOD, #HEALTH, #BUSINESS, and #PHILOSOPHY. Then, the Dilemma Master will present the “Would You Rather” scenario to the players.

Step 4: Take Turns for Choosing Your Favorite Option

Each player will choose one of the scenarios presented by the Dilemma Master of this turn and the reasoning behind their choice. Allow every player to participate and explain themselves. Their answers will lead to fun conversations and great moments!

Step 5: Change The Dilemma Master and Start Over

After the first Would You Rather round, move the Dilemma Master’s charge to the next participant and start over the game!

Tips to enjoy Would You Rather the most

  • Embrace the unexpected: Each player will have unique answers to the dilemmas, so be open to each one.
  • Follow the order of participation: Make every player feel included by setting an order of participation so that each player enjoys answering each dilemma.
  • Set the mood to play: Make a fun game night, sit in a circle or at a table, and don’t forget to bring some snacks for everyone!🎉


#TRAVEL: Enjoy a trip of choices as you explore dilemmas related to globetrotting, destinations, and travel adventures worldwide.

#PHILOSOPHY: Reflect on life’s more profound questions with dilemmas that delve into philosophical concepts, moral dilemmas, and existential choices.

#SUPERPOWERS: Become a superhero with unique questions about incredible powers and their consequences.

#SIMPLICITY: Discover your and your friends’ dilemmas on the simple things in life and reflect on unique topics.

#HEALTH: Consider health-related questions and discover your views on well-being while contrasting them with those around you.

#FOOD: Embark on a trip of flavors and tastes while having fun with food-related dilemmas that will make you think twice about your views on dishes and food worldwide.

#BUSINESS: Challenge yourself and discover your business instinct with dilemmas surrounding work-related scenarios.

#ADVENTURE: Embark on daring quests and thrilling adventures with dilemmas inspired by action-packed scenarios, exploration, and adrenaline-pumping challenges.

Are you ready to make tough decisions and discover where your preferences align with those of your friends?

Choose a category, and let the Would You Rather game begin!🤔🎉